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Minimalist Jewelry Ideas For Everyday

While I love the current trend of pairing statement jewelry with your outfit no matter the occasion, I still find myself reaching for my more minimalist, delicate pieces for everyday. I think that there is something special about having go-to jewelry that you can pair with any type of look, and now that I’m older (and a lot more responsible), I’m ready to invest a little more into those classic elements.

I never leave the house without wearing earrings-I seriously feel naked without them. I tend to wear a pair of large, classic gold hoop earrings because they literally go with everything, but I want to add some more delicate studs and maybe some smaller hoops into the mix as well. I ordered these Zodiac Stud Earrings from AuRate as an alternative for days when I wear my hair completely off of my face or need something simpler to balance out a larger statement necklace.

Zodiac Stud Earrings Gold Vermeil

When it comes to necklaces, I didn’t really start wearing smaller, more delicate ones until maybe 2 years ago. I always reached for larger pendants, but there’s something to be said about whispy gold necklaces that you can wear alone or layer together. I recently got this Delicate Petal Drop Necklace by Madewell, but I really love coin necklaces like this Atocha Coin Necklace by Uncommon James. You can find them anywhere, and I think layering 2 or 3 together at various lengths is so chic. The more the better!

Uncommon James by Kristin Cavallari Atocha Coin Necklace

Finding cool rings that can be worn alone or stacked together has probably been my biggest challenge. I use my hands a lot, so I want rings that don’t get in the way, but I also don’t want to only wear simple gold bands. I still want there to be a little interest there. This Revolve Ring by Jenny Bird mimics movement and is right up my alley.

Jenny Bird Revolve Ring

I’m also a sucker for a really good gold cuff bracelet or bangle. I love seeing them stacked together, and this Grey Enamel Bangle by Vince Camuto is perfect to wear alone, or layer with a few thin bracelets and watch.

Vince Camuto Grey Enamel Bangle


Minimalist jewelry does not have to be boring, and with Summer (and Sundress season) just around the corner, I’m looking forward to investing in more delicate pieces and building up a mini collection that I can wear with all of my cute little ‘fits.

How many delicate jewelry pieces do you own in your collection?


*This post is in collaboration with Nakturnal. All opinions are my own.

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  • Madison

    I own 7 rings that I wear constantly and stud earnings all of the time. I love the earrings you have from AU Rate! so simple and elegant yet eye catching. I need to find more like this!

    • Kim Thomas

      They’re seriously cute! They’re the perfect earring to wear when you want to do a minimalist look with cool details, or if you’re wearing a statement necklace and want to keep the focus on that. I love them!

  • Rose

    I relate with you on earrings, I never leave my house without them! Also I love the ring, it’s simple but not something you would see everyday!

  • HongChing

    I am in LOVE with gold accessories for the season! As they all say, “less is more”. I am currently looking to revamp my style this year, and these accessories has given me plentiful of outfit ideas.

  • Jade

    I am the same way! While bold pieces are fun, I tend to reach for the delicate, minimalist pieces on a day-to-day basis. I especially love the classic gold hoop earrings. They are perfect and go with anything.

  • Jaclyn

    I have a few pieces that I love to wear everyday. I like to have a couple different go to pieces so I can switch it up a little everyday. All of these pieces are so lovely and I’ll have to check them out.

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