A Creative Social Blog Photography Workshop

A Creative Social | Blog Photography Workshop 6.9.19

Hey peeps! If you’re in or near Memphis, I will be teaching my next blogging workshop, A Creative Social: Blog Photography Workshop on Sunday, June 9, 2019 from 11am-1pm at 17 Berkshire with Kendra Scott!

This workshop is focused on photography specifically for bloggers, creatives + small brands.

If content is king, photography is queen. Knowing how to tell your story with creative, visual content that’s tailor-made for you no matter what you use will help to quickly gain your targeted audience’s trust and AUTHENTIC engagement so that you can build community, grow, and ultimately monetize your blog and/or sell your products.

During this fun, interactive workshop, I will be sharing photography tips + tricks I’ve learned over the last 8 years to help those that want to take better pictures for their site or social media, but need a little help. What better place to do this than at 17 Berkshire, a cute little patisserie and coffee shop located in Overton Square!

During A Creative Social* we will cover:

  • How to Determine Your Brand Aesthetic (your vibe attracts your tribe)
  • Photography Hacks for Props + Backdrops, Lighting + Editing (brand your style)


We’ll also chat briefly about keeping your social media feed cohesive but diverse (lifestyle is where it’s at!) . A worksheet/guide is included, and while I encourage you to bring your favorite notebook and a few small trinkets for #aesthetics, Kendra Scott is will be on hand for a trunk show and will also be providing pieces for us to use during the workshop!

*make sure you also have space on your phone so that you can download a few of the Editing Apps that we’ll discuss. Tickets are $30; limited spots are available, and treats will be provided. Click here to get yours.

A Creative Social Blog Photography Workshop

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