The Best Makeup Tips I’ve Learned Through The Years

I am nobody’s beauty guru, but I’ve always loved playing in makeup and learning tips and tricks to help me perfect my “lewk” throughout the years. My friends and I are always sharing product recommendations with each other, and when we discover a game changing step, we shout it from the rooftops. I’ve been playing in makeup since I was 11 (though can the super pale nude lipstick I was able to wear really be considered makeup??), so I’ve learned a lot along the way and thought I’d share some of my best makeup tips those here.

Skincare is the most important step.
Now this technically isn’t a makeup tip BUT I had to make sure I included this because none of what I will share will really matter if you don’t have a decent skincare routine in place. Make sure that you cleanse, tone, moisturize and exfoliate as needed before anything else. And don’t forget the SPF!

Find a good primer that works with your skintype (if needed).
A great skincare routine can help keep your skin balanced, but sometimes you just need a friggin primer. I have oily/combination skin, and I have found that regardless of the type of foundation that I wear (matte, dewy, satin, natural), I still prefer to use a primer that will help my makeup last. My all-time favorite one is the Stay Matte Primer by Rimmel-it is the only primer that I’ve personally found that will work well with every foundation formula that I use.

If you love the LOOK of lower lash liner but hate wearing it/it smudges, line your eyes with a contour powder.
I have oily eyelids, so no matter what I do, if I put liner on my lower lash line it WILL smudge and make a mess. When I’m wearing a smokey eye I don’t care (it just helps to enhance it), but for everyday, when I want a little more definition around my eyes I grab a liner brush and apply my contour powder (I use Blunt by M.A.C.) Because of the color it’s not too heavy, but it really helps to give your eyes some extra oomf. Just make sure that when you apply it you blend it out really well.

Change your foundation based on the weather/season.
Understanding that certain foundations are better based on the season was a game changer for me (and helped me stop feeling like I was wasting money when I thought it didn’t work). A matte formula is always going to be best for me in the Spring/Summer unless I’m purposefully going for a dewy look, but once the temps start to cool and the air is dryer, I typically switch to a more hydrating formula. This keeps me from looking like a grease ball when it’s hot and a tight faced ghost when it’s cold. For Summer I am loving Covergirl’s Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation (be forewarned, I think it’s being discontinued, boooooo!) and Too Faced – Born This Way Foundation
is reeeeeally really pretty too.

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Set loose powder under your eye with a damp sponge for an airbrushed effect.
Water and powder typically don’t go together BUT I picked up this tip from YouTuber Jaclyn Hill a few months ago and it honestly works. Use loose powder (not from a compact-it won’t have the same effect) and gently pat the sponge when applying. Just like with foundation the sponge will absorb any excess powder, but what’s left is a smooth undereye that does NOT look dried out or cakey. It will give you the effect of baking without having to wait. My favorite loose powder at the moment is the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder. I get it in the Medium Deep shade vs translucent bc it warms up my skin and I don’t look dry. For sponges, the Real Technique Miracle Sponge has been my go-to for years.

Let your concealer dry down before you blend for fuller coverage.
I have dark circles but don’t always feel like using a color corrector so I do this instead. I’ve found that when I let my concealer dry down a little (30 seconds) before I blend it out, it stays in place, lays much smoother and I don’t have to use as much product. My current favorite concealer is the No Filter Matte Concealer by ColourPop (it’s so pretty, comes in a lot of shades and is less than $7!!) but I’ve tried it with different ones and it’s worked every time.

Use a setting spray or facial mist after powder, but before mascara.
Sometimes I can accidentally apply too much powder or put on a foundation that’s a tad too matte (thus making my face feel tight), so to be safe, I always mist my face with a setting spray or facial mist after I’m done with all of my face makeup/eyeshadow. Spray and then allow it to dry down-this will help meld all of your makeup together so that it looks fresh and flawless. Do this BEFORE you apply mascara (because we have a tendency to squeeze our eyes when they’re closed); if you don’t, it could result in a messy undereye area. My current fave is NYX’s Dewy Finish + Matte Finish Setting Spray (I alternate depending on the formula of foundation I’m wearing).

Use contour powder as a transition shadow.
If you’re not that good at applying eyeshadow (or just prefer to keep it more simple + only use 1-2 colors), add contour powder to your crease before applying color to your lid. Blend it out like you mean it, but this is a trick that helps to give your eyes more definition, and also clean up your shadow if you’ve mistakenly gone too high on your lid. After applying it to your crease, sweep the brush (thinly!) down the sides of your nose (and a little into your brows) to give a natural shadow to your lids + lightly contour your nose as well. This can really help pull all of your makeup together.

I’ve learned way more than this over the years, but these are some of my favorite tips. Please keep in mind that not tip/trick mentioned above will work for everyone, but you won’t know until you try!

What’s the best beauty tip/trick you’ve ever learned?

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  • Desiree

    These are really great tips and tricks. I use several of them currently. Applying primer to my lips before. My liner and lipstick has been a game changer for me. Those matte lipsticks can be so drying. In addition, it helps make my lipstick last much longer.

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