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8 Things I’m Working On This Quarter

It’s so hard to wrap my mind around the fact the it is MID JULY. Seriously, where has the year gone?? I’ve accomplished a lot on the personal and professional front, but it’s still hard to believe that we are smack dab in the middle of 2019. I’m thankful for progression, but, this mental mid-year check-in also made me take a step back and reassess anything I want to experience/complete before we move into Fall.

Here are 8 things I’m working on this Quarter:

Complete the re-design of my workbooks
As some of you may know, I teach in-person blog related workshops (there’s a social media/photography one in 2 weeks!) and do one-on-one sessions, and I developed a workbook for each one (there are 3). I first started doing them in 2015 so a refresh has been loooong over due. I’ve always want to make them available for digital download, so I’ve been working with my friend Andrea (she’s also a blogger but launched a creative agency- AFLD Creative – earlier this year) to make it happen. I’ve seen one and it looks so good (I just have to get some imagery over to her to include in them) so this is a big project that I want to wrap up soon.

cocktals-with-friends(enjoying cocktails at Bar Ware, a new bar in downtown Memphis)

Do a mini Bar + Restaurant crawl
Yall, I am soooo behind on visiting restaurants and bars here. We’ve had so many open in the last few years and while I’ve had a chance to visit some, I haven’t actually documented them. My other BFF that lives out of town recently asked me for recommendations for her co-worker that was coming to visit Memphis soon, and I kinda shocked myself with how much I shared with her. I want to create a mini guide for the blog to help others who may be coming to visit but don’t necessarily want to go to the tried and true spots (or care about BBQ which is always at the forefront of everyone’s list). Memphis is so much more than that and I like being able to share it with you guys!

Create some stock photography
If you’re a blogger, then you know how hard it can be to create imagery for your blog. Even as a photographer, I don’t always have time to go out and shoot, and while there are stock photography sites that are out there, the offerings are severely lacking. I need to plan out a shoot specifically for stock photography purposes and I want to kick that off before the Summer is over.

Pitch a few of my favorite brands
I have been so lucky to work with some amazing brands over the last few years without ever having to reach out, and now I think it’s time that I actually start pitching my blog. My goal with KPFUSION is to inspire other women just like me who are on a journey to grow and improve their life in all areas (home, career, style, relationships) and there are a few brands I’d love to partner with to help me create that content. We’ll see how it goes!


Redesign my newsletter
I’ve had a newsletter for a while and send out an email maybe once a month, but I want to redo the layout and send it out more regularly. I don’t ever want to be that blogger that only sends a newsletter out when they’re selling something or having an event and I found myself starting to go down that road because I wanted to send out something but I don’t 100% love the layout. That’s not fun, so my goal is to get it redone so that it’s more visually appealing and people actually get value from it. If you’re interested in being apart of it, click here.

Get back to working out regularly
Yall, after 15 years I just rejoined an actual gym! I’ve been working out here and there at home and outside but I want to regularly work out again (at least 3-4 times a week) but it is just way too hot outside right now. So, I bit the bullet and got a gym membership this morning. I eat relatively healthy (outside of my sweet tooth-I’m a work in progress people!), but sometimes you just want to sweat! I know going to the gym isn’t anything new to the world, but it’s a big deal to me because I was vehemently against joining a gym again because of my last experience. Years have passed and gyms have evolved, so I’m looking forward to jumping back in (I honestly miss doing circuit training). Now it’s time to go and find some more cute workout clothes!

Find better balance with Self-Care
During the 4th of July long weekend, I actually took a break from everything. Once I made it home from spending time with my family and friends that day, I didn’t leave my apartment at all until 3 days later. I scrolled on IG here and there but didn’t really engage. What I DID actually do was finish a book I’d put off reading for months, cleaned my apartment, watched a few movies (finally saw A Star Is Born and cried like a baby for at least 5 minutes after it was over lol), did my hair and nails and just CHILLED. I love being on the go but it’s so easy to get burned out when you’re always working with other people. Work/life balance isn’t hard when you do the type of work that I do, but my goal is to create a better ebb and flow with my client work, blog work, and life so that I rarely find myself in creative burnout. After the break I came back recharged and I want to stay that way.

floral-maxi-dressphotos: Michael Butler, Jr.

Pair down my closet for good
Parting is such sweet sorrow, but I’ve got to pair down my closet yall. I made a conscious decision over a year ago to not shop as much (probably bad for fashion blogging but whatev) and I’ve actually stuck with it. I have very few impulse buys now (my Target runs have been GREATLY reduced), but because I actually do take care of my clothes, it’s hard for me to let them go haha. That has got to change, though, because the clothes are just sitting there, so it’s time to let them go (and hopefully they find new homes).

Everything I have listed above is very doable, and I’ll be sure to check in at the end of the Quarter with an update!

What are you working on this Quarter?

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