Linen Dress Red Purse

Return of the Shirt Dress

Comfy + cute dresses are a must (especially during the Summer), and nothing beats a good ole fashion shirt dress. I was never a tee shirt and jeans kind of gal, but I think that this would be the equivalent in dress form.

Linen Dress Red Purse

I’ve reached for this H&M shirt dress so many times since I got it. It’s like a linen/cotton blend so it doesn’t wrinkle up as badly as linen does, but it still has that breathable quality to it that makes linen such a go-to fabric during the Summer. It’s an easy dress that can be worn with casual sandals and accessories, but if I wanted to dress it up a little bit for so say an outdoor cocktail party, I could throw on some mules or dressier sandals and that would work too.

Red Purse

I have been obsessed with the handbag selection that Shopbop has and I can always find something super cute to add to my collection like this reTH Dallas Crossbody Bag . Can you believe this is the first time I’ve ever owned a red one?!

Linen Dress Red PurseDress | Bag | Sunnies | Sandals

Images: Michael Butler, Jr.

This is seriously one of my favorite dresses of the season and while I’m limiting how much I shop (because budget), I plan to get it in another color if I can find it.


Do you wear shirt dresses?

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