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5 Ways I Kickstart My Day

While getting ready for work the other day, I realized that I have a very specific morning routine. No matter if I’m getting up super early and getting ready to meet a client or sleeping in on an off day, I noticed that I always do the same steps to get my day started. When I don’t, my morning feels off, and my day doesn’t go as planned, so I make sure that I course correct it the next day. I used to think that routines were boring and that I wanted to leave all forms of structure behind, but reality set in when I began doing more and more freelance work and realized that that routines are needed now more than ever if I want to 1) feel mentally prepared to start my day 2) actually get things done in a timely manner.

Every person’s morning routine will differ, but I found that doing these things daily help keep me sane and kickstart my day for success.

Say a little prayer
As soon as I wake up for the day, I say a prayer to God. I give thanks for waking up, and then I have a specific prayer that I say asking for guidance, protection over me and my family, grace, and to make it back home safely at the end of the day. I add other things in as needed, but I try to have a little conversation with God and meditate for a few minutes so that I’m thinking positive thoughts and starting the day off fresh.

Let the light in
One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is open up the blinds on a window in my living room. There’s something about letting sunlight flow into the room that signifies that a new day is upon us, and even on days when it’s dark and gloomy, I still open the blinds (maybe for a little hope that it’ll get better/the rain will pass?).

Burn an incense or candle
Immediately after opening the blinds I light a candle or an incense. Something about the flickering of the light from the candle and the wafting of the smoke from the incense calms me, so I always try to light something before I hop into the shower. The type of scents I burn changes all of the time, but right now I’m loving more masculine scents that have a hint of sandalwood, tobacco, and bourbon. My apartment smells amazing while I’m getting dressed and helps keep me in a good mood.

Take my vitamins + supplements
I got a lot more serious about taking my vitamins and supplements regularly a few years ago, and the last few months I’ve really been on top of my game. I always take a multivitamin and a probiotic (great for gut health, vaginal health and boosting your immune system), and then I’ll add other supplements here and there (like B-12, cranberry extract and biotin). I also started taking Terra Origin’s Collagen & Probiotics Powder (helps with skin elasticity) + Healthy Inner Balance (helps with stress + fatigue) back in July and they’ve been an awesome addition to my regimen; when I ran out, I could feel the difference in both my skin + my stress levels about a week afterwards. Thankfully they’re now carried at Target so I can easily re-up whenever I need to.

Listen to a podcast
I listen to music when I’m in the shower (lately it’s been an Afrobeats playlist), but I almost immediately switch to a podcast once I’m out. Listening to a motivating, inspiring conversation before you get your day started helps put me in the right mindset to concur the world. I rotate between quite a few, but some of my faves for business/creatives are Second Life, A Drink with James, Confessions of a WERKaholic, LIKEtoKNOW.it Influencer Radio, Myleik Teele’s Podcast, Switch, Pivot or Quit, The Goal Digger Podcast, and The Influencer Podcast. I listen to a ton more, but these help put me in the right headspace for work.

I add in a few other steps here and there with my morning routine, but these are the solid 5 steps that I do every morning to kickstart my day.

What’s in your morning routine?


*some items in this post are sponsored, but all thoughts + opinions are my own.

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