BB Dakota Moto Vegan Leather Finish Jacket

What To Wear // Moto Jacket

No matter what your personal style is, you need a moto jacket in your wardrobe. For years I’ve searched for jackets that fit juuuuuust right and finally, I found not one but TWO that I actually love! Moto jackets are so versatile; you can literally wear them with anything. Throwing on jeans and a basic tee? Top with a black moto jacket for an instant cool girl vibe. Have a dress that feels a little too girlie? Add a moto jacket to edge it up a bit. You could probably wear a moto jacket with a ball gown and still look good, lol, so it’s definitely one of those pieces that you need for all occasions.

Last month I found this black faux leather one at Target, and over the weekend I found this tan faux suede one at Nordstrom Rack as I was headed for the checkout line. It’s finally cooler in Memphis so I’m excited to break these out this season. Even better? They were both under $40!

If you’re on the hunt for a moto jacket as well, below are a few cool options that I’ve found around the web:

Old Navy Faux-Leather Moto Jacket for WomenOld Navy Faux-Leather Moto Jacket for Women, $55

BB Dakota Ain't It Cool Moto JacketBB Dakota Ain’t It Cool Moto Jacket, $69

Philosophy Apparel Faux Suede Moto Jacket, $30

Shein Plus PU Zip Up Moto JacketShein Plus PU Zip Up Moto Jacket, $27

Lovers + Friends Smoke Moto Jacket, $64

Universal Thread Faux Leather Moto JacketUniversal Thread Faux Leather Moto Jacket, $40

BB Dakota Moto Vegan Leather Finish JacketBB Dakota Moto Vegan Leather Finish Jacket, $108

Thread & Supply Mitch Faux Leather Moto JacketThread & Supply Mitch Faux Leather Moto Jacket, $69

Jou Jou Quilted Sleeve Moto JacketJou Jou Quilted Sleeve Moto Jacket, $30

Elodie Faux Leather Moto JacketElodie Faux Leather Moto Jacket, $40


Do you own a moto jacket?

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