Boho Wrap Kimono Boots

Not Quite Sweater Weather

We’ve finally started to see cooler weather here in Memphis, but it won’t reeeeally feel like Sweater Weather until later on this week. I’ve been able to still wear a lot of my Summer pieces up until now but truth be told, I’m ready to officially switch things over. I mean I still have to switch my closet over (and I’m considering doing a huge purge because realistically I’m only wearing maybe 40% of what’s in there), but to be able to know what I should put on (instead of dressing for 2 seasons depending on the day) will be nice.

Boho Wrap Kimono Boots

I nabbed this cute little striped Free People kimono a few weeks ago from Shopbop. It’s a gauzy knit, so while I wouldn’t wear this in the dead Summer, I could still wear it when it’s not quite sweater weather. It’s perfect for those days when you don’t need to wear a jacket but a little extra warmth won’t hurt.

Boho Wrap Kimono Boots

Thigh High Boot season is a go tho, so I broke my favorite pair out-I got these from CrazyBeautiful and will be getting a black pair as well once they come in. They’re so comfy and I can walk around in them all day long.

Is it Sweater Weather where you are?

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