Shashi Casablanca Headband

A Hair Accessory Trend I’m Excited To Try

The first memory I have of actively choosing to hear a headband is from the 6th grade. I was obsessed with all things TGIF and 90210, and headbands where a big thing. I’m going to stop with the trip down memory lane, however, because while I THOUGHT it was a trend I did well, the photos from that time are horrid and should never be seen outside of my close, personal circle.

Moving along shall we?

Anyhoo, Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf made headbands pretty popular briefly in the late 2000s, and like most things in fashion, the trend is cyclical and they’re popular again. I for one, and excited to try the trend this time around because 1) I have much more control over what is going on with my hair (lord, the flashbacks), and 2) the added embellishments (small pears/stones, and braided texture) make them much more fashion forward and a lot less prim and proper. I’ve seen them styled in both a classic way (think denim, neutral sweater and minimalist jewelry) and extra edgy (floral dress, ankle booties) so you don’t have to have a specific style in order to wear them-you just have to be open to trying out a trend.

boohoo studded twist knot headbandboohoo Studded Twist Knot Headband, $4

loveshackfancy athena headbandLoveshackfancy Athena Headband, $35

Hemant and Nandita White Floral HeadbandHemant and Nandita White Floral Headband, $22

crystal rhinestone mesh headbandEloquii Crystal Rhinestone Mesh Headband, $40

boohoo Satin Polka Dot Twist Knot Headbandboohoo Satin Polka Dot Twist Knot Headband, $4

denim days headband free peopleFree People Denim Days Headband, $40

Shashi Casablanca HeadbandShashi Casablanca Headband, $38

There are so many different styles to choose from, but my faves are the ones with pearls, or the ones that are braided. Regarding color? Rich jewel tones in a velvet texture are so pretty, but you also can’t go wrong with a neutral color like black or cream as well. I just think that they’re something different to play with when you’re tired of the same ole same ole hair accessories.


Will you try the headband trend?

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