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Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops In Memphis

Go for the coffee, stay for the aesthetic. No, seriously, whenever I’m able to actually go and sit in a coffee shop vs. hitting a Starbucks drive through, I’m really happy when the space itself is as good as the jo (well chai in my case). There used to only be a handful of independent coffee shops in Memphis, but that’s changed over the last few years. I’m not a coffee connoisseur at ALL, but I DO know what looks pretty cute in a pic, lol, so I wanted to share a quick list of coffee shops in Memphis that will also give you dope instagrammable backdrops as well.

Arrive-Hotel-Morning-Coffee-3sweater | skirt | necklace

Vice & Virtue Coffee 
So Vice & Virtue Coffee is technically located in the new Arrive Hotel, however, you’re able to chill in the lobby area and it is absolutely gorgeous (huge street facing windows, plush velvet couches and chairs in gem tones) so I’m including it on my list. It’s where I took the photos for this post and I recently did a shoot there with someone and it  was perfect for one of her looks.


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City + State
Glass windows, wooden tables, minimalist decor. If you’re going for a minimalist, low key vibe and you want something a little more serious in the backdrop, this is the spot. You’ve probably seen photos with “Well Hello!” in the backdrop and they where taken here as well. They also have a pop-up spot in Saddle Creek that has a cute grass wall with a neon sign that could serve as a cute pic location but their main spot on Broad Avenue is my fave.


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Tamp & Tap
Very moody and kind of dark, Tamp & Tap looks different from any other coffee shop I’ve gone to. I love how the light filters in and cuts across the room but it still maintains its warm vibe.


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Otherlands Coffee
Earthy and moody with a lot of color and plants and natural light. If you need to study (but want to also take a few dope pics in between) this is a good spot for it.


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Bluff City Coffee
I adore the brick wall interior of this space, and I’ve spent many afternoons in the past working on my laptop and people watching-I even met Anne Hathaway here when she was visiting St. Jude years ago and popped in to get some coffee (she was so nice and down to earth). They have 2 locations but downtown is my fave.


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Low Fi Coffee
They’re located in Stock + Belle, but you can’t miss them with their huge front window, bright white brick wall and hot pink branding accents. The light that flows in here is gorgeous (another fave spot for headshot shoots) but be forewarned- they are for the REAL coffee drinkers so don’t go in thinking you’re going to order some froo-froo coffee drink lol.


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17 Berkshire
So technically not a coffee shop, however they serve delicious lattes (salted caramel is my fave) and the interior is bright and white with a dash of marble and pretty flowers. My girly girls that want a spot that’s chic w/a side of macarons, this place is for you.


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Comeback Coffee
A newer coffee shop in the city, it has a modern, slightly hipster (but in a good way!) vibe to to it. Soft natural light, comfy seating, and a back outdoor area that’s pretty cool as well.


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Java Cabana Coffeehouse
This will forever be my favorite coffee shop in the city (Rainy Sundays here was my fave). When you think about a quirky, comfy coffee shop with that cool, vintage feel, this place is what comes to mind. The owner sadly passed away a few months ago, but as far as I know it’s still open.

There are many, many other coffee shops in the city that I’m sure I’ve missed, but these are just some of my faves; as with most things, they’re usually better in person. Check out their tagged IG accounts to learn more about their actual coffee (duh), and if you decide to visit one because you want to snap it up, please also patronize while you’re there-they’re all independent, small businesses and need the support.


Do you have a favorite coffee shop (city/state)? Comment below!

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