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Mindfully Approaching Social Media in the New Year

Yesterday I decided to do a Q&A in my Instagram stories about the type of content people wanted to see (and not just from me) in 2020 and boy, did y’all have a lot to say! So let me back things up and explain what lead me to doing this. I enjoy being a blogger and creating content and also following other bloggers but I have honestly been very bored with most of what I see on Instagram lately. Because being an “influencer” has become such a big thing and brands are finally understanding the power of influencer marketing and that it’s a legitimate industry (it’s on track to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022), content has switched from being inspiring to being all about the sell for most. Many bloggers/influencers aren’t posting content unless something is sponsored, an ad, or connected to a giveaway or affiliate link, and truthfully, it’s boring. Blogging/Influencing can be a part-time or full-time job for many, but I think that that’s been conflated with overall content creation so the fun part is being left on the table in favor of just creating to make a buck. I get it, because I’m lucky enough to work with brands and get paid for it too, however, I’m sure if I’m bored with a lot of what I see, other people probably are too.

When I posted my question, majority of my responses came from NON Bloggers. Guys, people are bored with us, lol. Instagram’s algorithm has affected engagement for sure, but honestly, many of them aren’t as engaging as they used to be with our content because it’s not inspiring, aspiring, or really teaching them anything. If you know anything about the art of storytelling, you know that these 3 things are crucial for getting people to engage with you. If what you’re posting is basically a rinse and repeat of what you previously posted (or they can switch you out with another person and it would still be the same), they don’t care!

I knew that once the holiday season was done and I could focus a little more on my content again that I wanted revisit my “why” as it relates to blogging and also hear from my audience to learn more about what they want to see, so I want to share what some highlights of what I was told.

instagram social media tips

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More authentic, evergreen content and less staged content
This stood out to me the most because when blogging first started as a thing, bloggers primarily created content around their lives. Even if they were doing an OOTD post, they still gave you insight on where they were going, what they were doing, why they styled something a certain way, and/or a little insight on the designer they were wearing. You would learn so much about them in one post and I miss that. I know IG is different because it’s mostly about the visual but a lot of people ARE reading captions, so even if you’re someone that’s creating a lot of sponsored content, it’s ok to go beyond a generic “i love this product/this shirt was only $20/insert cool + witty caption”. Get back to being REAL and making sure you’re actually saying something with your posts.

More variety in topics: home decor, mental health, modern girl fitness, where to go/things to do
Basically, people want content that inspires them in some way or teaches them something related to a multitude of things. This doesn’t mean that you have to be fake and write about stuff that has no affect on your life, but our audiences like lifestyle content and they like to see what you’re up to. If you’re redecorating your house, share that. Reading a new book-tell us about it. Found a new restaurant, take us with you. Got a workout plan that works wonders? Show us why. You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to be interesting and make sure it makes sense when you share it.

Oh, the places we will go
Whether you’re sharing cool places in your hometown or you have eternal wanderlust and will be on the go a lot, people want to see more of the places you visit and the cool things you see. The great thing about having a platform (whether via a traditional blog or solely on Instagram) is that you can act as a tastemaker and highlight your travels, food and culture of wherever you land everyday. People get bored of just seeing content specifically about YOU, so be sure to actually share about these things instead of just posting a gazillion selfies when you’re out and about. You’re cute but gimmie something else please!

There were more content suggestions beyond this but overall, our audiences want more variety from us. To live a bold life and share it is a beautiful thing, so as we move into the new year, let’s be a little more mindful of what we post about on our blogs and social media. Consumerism is at an all time high, and while I enjoy shopping as much as the next person, that’s not something I personally want to see or write about every day. I know that some people are content with what they create and that’s fine, but I, for one, will continue shifting the type of content that I allow myself to consume from others, while also creating and sharing content that inspires others in some way.

How will you be approaching your social media/content in the new year?

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