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Laser Hair Removal | Midway Update

As you guys know, I started getting Laser Hair Removal back in August at A Beautiful You Medical Spa, and I wanted to do a check-in since I am almost done with my treatments. I’m gearing up for my 5th treatment for my bikini area and 4th for my underarm, and ya’ll, this is truly one of the bests things that I ever could’ve done when it comes to grooming/maintenance.

A Beautiful You Medical Spa

I go for my treatments every 6 weeks, and since starting my hair growth has been reduced tremendously, and is almost nonexistent (which is expected since your hair grows in cycles). For my bikini area, I only have to shave maybe once a week now (there are still some spots where the hair is stubborn) and for my underarms it’s even less than that. In my original post I do a break down of everything (the process, what to expect, how many total treatments are needed on average) and you can read that here. Based on my own hair growth observation, I think that I may have to do 6 bikini treatments and 5 underarm treatments because of the way my hair grows and my skin color in those areas. Once I finish with these areas I think I want to do it on my legs because I am really happy with the results thus far.

A Beautiful You Medical Spa

When I first shared that I was starting my treatments, I did receive some messages from people that had had less that stellar experiences with it (hair grew right back, the treatment was painful, they got burned by the laser, etc). For most, it had been at least 10 years since they’d first done the treatment, and some had had children, which could possible affect results as well due to the hormonal changes that your body goes through during pregnancy. I also follow someone that is currently restarting treatments  after baby and I was actually shocked that they said that they had to use numbing cream at least 20 minutes before their service is done (she acknowledged that she used them because they were cheap but she did not recommend them bc she said it hurt). THAT HAS NOT BEEN MY EXPERIENCE.

A Beautiful You Medical Spa

The reason why I share this is because if you’re interested in trying laser hair removal, please do your due diligence with your research, and not just on the cost of the service. Your skin color, hair color/type, the machines that they use and the settings that they use all play a part in your experience with laser hair removal. Having to use a numbing cream for treatments that far in advance is ridiculous-either she was being dramatic or the settings they’re using are extremely high and they’re not doing any adjustments. Ice was offered when I first started but I didn’t really need it. We used a different machine for my remaining treatments (it’s safer for darker skin) and it has a cooling tube that you can use during the service and during my last treatment I didn’t use it. It could be luck, it could just be that I have tough skin that responds well, however for each session, the tech talked with me throughout the treatment, ensuring that I was comfortable and not in pain. The only time I felt any pain was when I first started and she needed to test the settings, and on another treatment when I had some hair growth that I had missed and the laser zapped it (the reason that you shave is to ensure that any hair follicles in the area are short because the laser looks for color and if the hair is long you will feel that sh*t!). Other than that, my experience has been easy and virtually painless; I’m literally in and out in 30 minutes. Results will vary for every person, but if you ask questions during your consultation, you can find out everything you need to know to ensure you’re at the right place and will have optimal results.

My final check-in will be after I’ve completed all of the treatments, so feel free to ask me any questions that you may have about it; if I don’t know the answer I will find out for you. If you’re in Memphis and interested in doing it, I highly recommend A Beautiful You Medical Spa; my experience has been great thus far. Click here to for a free quote/consultation. Tell them I sent ya!


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This post is in collaboration with A Beautiful You Medical Spa, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Please note that I am NOT a medical professional, and that this post is based off my own treatments and experiences and that results will differ for everyone. 

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