Karen Kane Shawl Cardigan
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A Semi-Capsule Winter Wardrobe

While I doubt I will ever fully follow the capsule collection craze, I have enjoyed streamlining my closet and investing in pieces that are classic yet still versatile. Cardigans will forever be a staple, and I’m loving the shawl collar on this cozy cardigan from Karen Kane. It’s super comfy and one of those pieces that you can literally throw on with everything (it also comes in Plus Size).

Karen Kane Shawl Cardigan

Purging my my main closet is still on the horizon (it’s so haaaaard, to say goodbyyyye), but I know that I have to; if I’m honest with myself I know that I only wear 30% of the pieces in my closet so there’s really no point in me keeping all of the stuff that’s in there. There’s nothing wrong with them (thank God I take care of my clothes), but as you grow and your style evolves, you find yourself reaching for certain things when you get dressed, and usually they’re the most versatile ones that can help you get out of the door quickly. You start realizing what you’re missing (and actually need), so old clothes sit in the closet while you replenish with new ones that you know you will wear more often. When you reach that point, it’s definitely time to purge.

Karen Kane Shawl Cardigancardigan | turtleneck | denim | booties

Karen Kane Shawl Cardigan

We’re officially in Winter now, and while some people are trying to skip ahead to Spring, I want to play around a bit in the season. Right now, I need to get:

  • another black turtleneck
  • a camel blazer
  • white button down
  • black belt (for trousers, not for dresses)
  • another pair of skinny denim
  • a pair of black flares
  • long black cardigan
  • brown ankle booties

These are what I’m missing from my wardrobe foundation and what I can continue to build looks around.

Do you dress in a capsule wardrobe?


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