Karen Kane Faux Shearling Coat
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Cozy Shearling Coat

Baby, it’s cold outside. Shooting lifestyle content with bloggers + boutiques means that I spend a LOT of time outdoors. Staying warm (in style!) during the Winter is a must, and this faux shearling coat by Karen Kane keeps me cute and cozy while I work. It seriously feels like a blanket!

Karen Kane Faux Shearling Coat

I want to be warm (believe it or not, it can get bitterly cold here some days), but I still need to have mobility of my arms for shooting, so I tend to stick with faux fur vests or thin layers under a coat like this colorblock dress so that I can still move around and catch those angles. I’ve been getting a little bit more experimental with my shooting with clients, so I can’t wear anything that is restrictive or tight to a session-it’s uncomfortable and I hate having to fuss with my clothes when working.

Karen Kane Faux Shearling Coatcoat | dress

Now, if only I could master driving my car while still wearing a coat or jacket (I know I’m not the only one). Seriously, I’m that person that immediately snatches off their coat as soon as they get in the car. I try to keep it on when the temps are in the 30s and 40s (like the days I took these pictures) but I just can’t do it, lol.


 How are you keeping warm this Winter?


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