Leopard + Leather

When it’s cold outside, the goal is to stay as warm and cozy as possible, and what better way to do that than with a cute and fuzzy leopard print sweater and my favorite leather leggings.


These fleece-lined faux leather leggings from Loft have been one of my best wardrobe investments for the cold weather season. They’re ankle length so they’re not too long on me, and I can wear them with both dressier shoe options and casual shoes (even sneakers). The fleece lining keeps them from being tight (unlike liquid leggings that show everything), and they have a little bit of stretch so they’re comfy, but won’t stretch out. I get so much use out of these, so even though they’re a little pricier than what I’d normally pay for leggings, the cost per wear is very  very low. Whenever you find yourself questioning the price of an item, think about how many times you will realistically wear it. Divide the price by that number and voila! You’ll know if it’s worth it or not for your budget.


photos: AFLD Creative

This leopard print sweater was SUCH a great find. I found it at Walmart of all places! I was picking up toiletries and when I saw the sweater I touched it and was quite shocked at the quality-it’s a thicker weave with a little bit of stretch and feels just like those sweaters you’d find at a boutique, but it was less than $20.


I couldn’t find this exact one online (but they have a ton of other options online that you can shop here); the brand is 89th & Madison so look for it next time you go into your local store. I’m also linking some similar ones as well. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Really look at the structure of your clothes regardless of where you purchase them because although this sweater was inexpensive, it does not look or feel cheap, and it’s in a classic style that I will be able to wear for awhile (and multiple ways).


What are your favorite cold weather style trends?

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