Making the most of your mornings
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Making The Most Of Your Mornings

How often do you have time to really chill and enjoy your morning routine? Meaning you’re not in a rush or panic to get dressed and out the door, so you can actually take your time to indulge in the process of getting ready? I’ve written about my morning routine before and the things that I typically do to kickstart my day, but on the days that I can take a little extra time with getting ready, I like to do a few extra things to make the most of my mornings.

Add exfoliating gloves + a body scrub to your morning shower.
There is nothing like having baby soft, plump, hydrated skin, and on the mornings that I can take a 20-30 minute shower, I grab my exfoliating gloves in addition to a body scrub and GO. TO. TOWN. I typically use a wash cloth during my showers and that actually gives you a little exfoliation anyway, but exfoliating gloves are truly next level. First of all, the roughness of the gloves feels amazing on your skin (like getting a really good scratch), and if you add in a body scrub? OMG! Trust me, it’s something that you have to try, and the great thing is that you can add both in for less that $15. You can get a pair of exfoliating gloves for $1-9 depending on where you go (these are $7 from Ulta), and I am seriously am wowed by Dove’s Exfoliating Body Polish Body Scrub ($6).  Add in a body oil or spray and you favorite fragrance when you’re done and you will feel like a brand new person. It feels like a luxury treatment but it’s easy on the wallet.

Aquaphor ointment spray

Listen to music or a podcast vs scrolling.
Instead of immediately hopping on social media or checking your email, turn on some music that will help wake you up or listen to one of your favorite podcast episodes. I’ve found that doing this helps to keep my mental state calm and my mind clear, so even on days when I don’t necessarily have to go to work but have a little extra time to lounge at home, I like to do this to basically help get my mind right. I prefer to do this vs having the TV on in the background because I always get distracted from what I’m doing to watch what’s on and wind up making myself late or taking forever to get things done. When I listen to a podcast, I still learn something without having to stop and watch.

Take your morning coffee or tea in bed.
One of life’s little luxuries is enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea while still in the bed. Even if it’s only for 15-20 minutes, you can use this time to read the paper or a chapter of your favorite book, journal, or just stare at the wall and think. The point is, savor each sip, breathe deeply, and center yourself as much as possible so that you can go about your day without feeling like you’re all over the place.

While it’s hard to have these extra indulgences every single day (especially if you are a parent or have a spouse), challenge yourself to make the time. You may have to get up a few minutes earlier than usual to have some quiet time to yourself but it will always be worth it when you can.

How do you make the most of your mornings?

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