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Recipe Roundup | Summer Cocktails

Elderflower Spanish Gin & Tonics

My go-to drink when I’m out is a jack and coke, however, I sometimes crave fruity drinks, and if I go to an event where there are craft cocktails for the night, I’ll typically go for the one that’s a little more citrusy. Basically, I love a good cocktail and I need to get my bartending skills up. Ha!

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Coffee Break | Edge Alley

KP Fusion Coffee Shop Edge Alley

Located at 600 Monroe in The Edge District (Marshall Arts if you’re from Memphis), Edge Alley opened last July and is a stylish, modern cafe and coffee shop. Designed with an open floor plan and community seating, the picturesque space is the perfect spot for both quick meetings with fellow creatives, and chill time with your favorite book and cup of joe.

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