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Getting Gorgeous with European Wax Center

KPFUSION European Wax Center Memphis

I’ve always been a DIY type of girl when it comes to beauty treatments. Hair, nails, skincare-I learned how to do it all on my own (I mean, it’s FUN), but I don’t always have time to indulge at home. I’ll always do my own hair + face masks, but thankfully, my bestie is a nail tech, and I’m teaming up with European Wax Center to help me keep my brows and other grooming needs in check!

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Mellow Yellow

Yellow Top Denim Capris

It’s funny how much a yellow blouse can seriously brighten up your day. I never shy away from color, but I tend to stick to more muted shades, but I couldn’t resist this blousy crepe top from Dress Barn. It’s so hot and humid here in the Summer, a girl needs clothing that BREATHES, ya know?

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