KP Fusion is a fashion + lifestyle blog that covers of the moment fashion, style and beauty tips + trends with a little Memphis, TN flavor thrown in, My goal with this blog is to keep you in the know about the cool happenings in my city and beyond, while also inspiring you to be creative and take on beauty and fashion on your own terms.

Sponsorship and Advertising
KP Fusion accepts sponsorships and advertising of relevance to both the blog owner and its readers. All sponsorships and advertising queries are carefully reviewed before acceptance. Both advertisements and sponsorships must target fashion-forward females and be of interest to me and my readers. Rates are very affordable, and content can be tailored for each campaign.

Product Reviews
KP Fusion currently accepts fashion, beauty + lifestyle products from retailers, designers, and brands to review + to borrow samples for shoots and stories. All products require at minimum a 30 day time-frame for review. You are welcome to submit any product(s) for editorial review but please note that samples that need to be returned will not be accepted unless sender arranges for pickup and shipping. Please note that all content and opinions on this blog are entirely my own. In order to uphold this standard, I will honestly share my opinion and experience of the product with my readers. If I am not 100% satisfied with any product, I also reserve the right to not share it at all with my readers. 

KP Fusion is open to hosting giveaways to its readers! Because giveaways are held in moderation, they are reviewed and accepted on a case-by-case basis only. KP Fusion reserves the right to turn any giveaway inquiries down.If you would like to sponsor a giveaway for a product or service, KP Fusion requires 2 of the said products or services that you’d like to giveaway to a reader. One will be tested in order to provide accurate opinions on the product/service being given away. This is to ensure the readers that the prize is of value to them.

Link Exchanges
KP Fusion does not participate in link or blogroll exchanges at this time.

Guest Posts
KP Fusion does not accept guest posts at this time.

KP Fusion is not interested in working with search engine optimization companies.


Want something a little more tailored? Please feel free to email me at kimberly@kpfusion.com for rates and with any specific questions or information!