Creative Space | Everbloom Designs Studio

Everbloom Designs Memphis Studio KP Fusion

It’s always fun seeing your creative peers come full circle in their work. Back in 2014, Kristin Wolter-Canfield of Everbloom Designs held a floral design workshop that I covered for the blog, and this month, she’s finally opening her own studio! Take a peek at her Creative Space.

Specialty Gifts | Falling Into Place

Finding the perfect gift for others (or yourself!) can be hard, especially when it seems like every store carries the same thing. During times like this, I like to visit local/specialty shops, because you’re sure to find something that’s unique and/or one of a kind. One of my faves is Falling Into Place, a specialty gift shop located in the burgeoning Broad Avenue Arts District.

Decor // Bingham + Broad

During last month’s Broad Avenue Art Walk, the pouring rain prevented me from capturing any street style, but I DID stumble upon the grand opening of Bingham + Broad, a new home/decor Read more […]

Quick Stop | Broad Avenue Art Walk


Last Friday was Broad Avenue’s Annual Spring Artwalk, and while the rain kept me from walking around all night (my hair was like um, no) I stopped by a popup shop at Falling Into Read more […]