10 Things To Do This Spring (No Matter Where You Live!)

Downtown Memphis TN

The Spring Equinox is truly the marker for new beginnings, so I feel like it’s the perfect time to try new hobbies, explore new places and just flat out have fun. If the change in seasons has you ready to switch your day to day up, here are 10 Things To Do This Spring.

4 Ways to Update Your Makeup Bag for Winter

I’ve been a makeup junkie all of my life, and one of my favorite times to get new products is when the seasons change. I also overall my skincare routine (heavier moisturizer, a little more exfoliation), but here are 4 ways that I update my makeup bag for Winter.

5 Tips for Healthier Eating Habits in the New Year

Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions. It’s that time of year where pretty much everyone is thinking about leaving old habits behind once the clock strikes 12, especially with food. It IS the perfect time for a fresh start, though, so here are 5 tips for healthier eating habits in the New Year.