Floral Kimono + Thigh High Boots

Floral kimono and thigh high boots trend

I’ve always liked the look of thigh high boots but never owned any for myself til I picked up this pair last November from local boutique Southern Muse. I wasn’t sure if the style would look right on me since I’m so short, but as soon as I tried them on I knew I had to take them home.

That 70s Show | Flare Denim

So I’m that person that buys something, holds it in my closet forever, and THEN can’t stop wearing it once I start. I bought this pair of flare denim over a year ago but kept them in my dresser because I wanted to get them hemmed. One day I said eff it, had them cut and now….it’s so hard for me to go back to my skinnies, lol.